Saturday, May 28, 2011

see abi ..... own a home!

So we made it. We're safely in Louisiana. We closed on the house on the 21st. All the boxes have been delivered. The internet & TV have been connected. I couldn't be happier (and more overwhelmed).

And, hubby bought a new truck. Ford F-150. Cherry red. Extended crew cab. Very nice. Wife-approved.

I'm trying to take this unpacking business one day at a time. We're through more than half of the boxes. I'm hoping this holiday weekend will give us enough time to get through all of it.

But, don't worry, it hasn't been all boxes. We've also planted a garden, started a compost pile & attended our first crawfish boil. I'll update you all on that later.

And because pictures are fun.... I've started the FLY Lady program. Here's my shiny sink.


  1. Of all the things to post a pic of...a nice clean sink! Course, around MO parts, I can't have one of those cuz of all the hard water! Enjoy the holiday weekend! We'll come next spring for some crawfish.

  2. I love the name of you blog. Straight to the point. Now put some of your knitting on here and it'd be perfect. =) As for the basil--I think you can do it the same way as the parsley. Try using a smaller bag (quart size) because basil doesn't grow in the "bulk" that parsley does. I have some basil ready to be stored, so I'll try it out as well. Miss you and your beautiful smile. <3 C